BUSINESS solutions

IMAGINE seeing your business grow to extreme new levels.
IMAGINE having your business show up in GOOGLE with top search spots.
IMAGINE having state-of-the-art design and marketing at your fingertips.

IMAGINE the difference...

Each year businesses spend exorbitant amounts of money on marketing their products or services. We help companies achieve their marketing/advertising goals by designing cutting-edge websites that really possess the 'wow-factor' and we do this at a reasonable rate with the end result being an increase in profit margins, increase in sales, and overall visibility for our clients.

OKAYBUDDY was established in 1997. Today we are proud to call ourselves a veteran web design company. That tells you something about our attitude and strong commitment towards ensuring we maintain our status as being at the forefront of implementing new Information Technology.
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Marketing Advertising

We are constantly broadening our expertise to reach a level where we can claim with full confidence to have mastered all aspects of the World Wide Web, social networking, and popular Operating Systems like Windows, OSX, and Leopard. We will never stop improving.

Marketing is a tricky business. Whatever strategy you have, you cannot expect to strike a chord with all of your audience in exactly the same way and make them believe in your message -- but you can certainly reach most of them if you can identify with them. When it comes to online marketing, we can help you achieve that goal in a cost-effective way.

We have large experience in search engine marketing, optimizing websites, creating online promotions, and conducting surveys and statistical analysis. We can design and setup a newsletter for you - both a powerful viral marketing tool and a great loyalty building vehicle.

For end users a screen saver is maybe just an interesting piece of desktop furniture, but for you it represents an opportunity to expand your brand's visibility. Our software division developed a series of programs for creating screen savers so you can be sure we are capable of providing you with the most attractive one. Imagine a screen saver that can update its content automatically – yes, we have developed that technology in-house.

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In our philosophy, marketing always start at the very beginning of any given project and follows it through the project's whole lifetime. Only then can one expect strong and continuing positive feedback within the marketplace.

If you decide to work with us, we promise to create and execute online marketing strategies tailored to your specific business objectives and make sure you get the best possible return-on-investment.

Our mission is to translate our knowledge of Information Technology into success for our clients. There is nothing better than being able to see a project through to a successful conclusion. OKAYBUDDY delivers solutions that drive businesses further.